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Object ID 1000.105.03
Title "The Wirelawn Years"
Object Name Exhibit
Creator Julie Thomas
Description 3911 Bradley Lane Exhibit
Exhibit produced by Julie Thomas for the Chevy Chase Historical Society for 1996 Gala

"The Wirelawn Years"
Mr. Charles Raymond Wire and Minnie Lee Williams Wire and daughters, Rosemary Wire Anderson and Ramona Wire Thrower

Photo (1000.105.03a):
From LIFE Magazine, January 22, 1953: The Cavaliers, the Wires, "and horses" all came to a reception held at Wirelawn before Inaugural Ball. Texas State Calvary brought own train and horses.

Photo (1000.105.03b):
Left top from "The Diplomat"
Pat Nixon launches President's Cup Regatta at WIrelawn

Photo (1000.105.03c):
Thank you note from Mrs. Richard Nixon

Text is as follows:

August 2, 1957

Dear Mrs. Wire-

Your "launching" party was a delightful occasion and I appreciate so much your kindness in sending me such an attractive memento of my happy afternoon with you and the members of your committee.

I want to thank you and Mr. Burroughs for the beautiful pink roses, too. Your thought -fulness and the lovely bouquet is giving my family and me great pleasure.
With every good wish for a most successful Regatta Ball,

Patricia Nixon

Photo (1000.105.03d):
Note from White House Social Secretary

Text is as follows:

July 3, 1957

My dear Mrs. Wire,

I have discussed your recent letter with Mrs. Eisenhower, who is vacationing in Gettysburg, and she has usked me-to convey her thanks to you and Mr. Burroughs.

The First Lady is most happy to accept your invitation to serve as Honorary Patroness of the President's Cup Regatta Bali to be held on September twentieth. With this note, she sends her best wishes to you and your associates for a most successful occasion.

With kindest regard,

Very sincerely yours,
Mary Jane McCaffree
Social Secretary

Photo (1000.105.03e):
Mr. and Mrs. Wire with Mrs. Ken Regan, wife of Texas Representative Ken Regan at Cherry Blossom Party.

1953- "Speaker Sam" with Mrs. Wire in the Drawing Romm at the Inaugural Ball Reception

Photo (1996.03.07):
Mrs. Wire at reception in the Dining Room of Wirelawn showing the beautiful sideboard and 2 covered Victorian chairs.

Photo: (1000.105.03f):
1950- Invitation "Raissa Tselentis" presents a Group of Young Pianists at a Musicale Given at Wirelawn"

Clipping (1000.105.03g):
"Dance Honors Korths," The EVening Star, Friday, June 22, 1962

Photo (1000.105.03h):
Invitation "Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Wire cordially invite you to an Art Exhibit Tea to view Recent European Paintings by Rosamond Gaydash"

Photo (1000.105.03i):
1950- Texas State Society Square Dancers met Saturdays and practiced in the driveway for performances at Constitution Hall. Later, they went to New York to appear on Ted Mack's "Amateur Hour Show." Clipping from newspaper.

Clippings (1000.105.03j-k):
Detailing 1961 tea with Mrs. Bird Johnson, wife of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson

Clipping (1000.105.03l):
"Texas Dateline" by Sarah McLendon; article about the Wires' Cherry Blossom Party, attended by the Richard Fredericks, Dallas residents.

Photo (1000.105.03m):
Cherry Blossom Party on porch at Wirelawn. Mrs. Wire with Ambassador Luis Marchado (Cuba).

Photo (1000.105.03n)
Cherry Blossom Party: Ambassador Huertematte, Mrs. Wire and Mrs. Vera Megomen in the Victorian Room.

Photo (1996.03.09):
1948-- Ramona and Rosemary Wire in Victorian Room at Wirelawn

Clipping (1000.105.03o):
"Wires are Hosts: Dance Welcomes Daughters Home"," Washington Post. September 9, 1961

Photo (1000.105.03p):
Invitation: "To welcome Miss Ramona Wire and Miss Rosemary Wire on the occasion of their return from School in Europe Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Wire Invite you to a Small Dance"

"Sharing important moments with family and friends which often included the diplomatic corps and politicians."
-Rosemary Wire Anderson, 1996

Clippings (1000.105.03q, 1000.105.03r):
Articles covering Wirelawn party to honor local custom dress designer, Philip Robertson.

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