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Object ID 1000.127.02
Title 7401 Brookville Road
Object Name Exhibit
Date 2009
Creator Evelyn Gerson
Description 7401 Brookville (Brookeville) Road "End Lane" Bradshaw House (p. 2 of 8: see 1000.127.01 and 1000.127.03-08)
Exhibit by Evelyn Gerson for the 2009 Chevy Chase Historical Society Gala at 7401 Brookville Road

Homes on Brookeville Road

In order to market Section Three as an affordable neighborhood for middle-class home buyers all while maintaining property values, the Land Company placed restrictions on the deeds it sold. The deeds required that bungalows like the one pictured here, which still sits between Raymond and Shepherd Streets, be set back at least 30 feet from the curb and comply with a minimum construction cost of $3,000 dollars.

Dorothy & William Duvall in front of 6314 Brookeille Road (presently 6814), circa 1923, courtesy of William Duvall [2008.171.10]

Interior Spaces, 1940s
These two images depict the private lives of an unknown family who lived at 6304 Brookeville on the west side of across from Cummings Lane (presently 6804).

Kitchen of 6304 Brookeville Road, circa 1944, courtesy of the 4-H Resource Center [2008.171.08]

Living Room of 6304 Brookeville ROad, circa 1944, courtesy of the 4-H Resource Center [2008.171.11]

Map [1000.127.02a]