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Object ID 1000.122.03
Title From the Comstock Lode to Chevy Chase
Object Name Exhibit
Date 1998
Creator Eleanor Ford
Description From the Comstock Lode to Chevy Chase (p. 3 of 7: see 1000.122.01-02 and 1000.122.04-07)
May 20, 1998
For Ed Heller's slide lecture for Chevy Chase Historical Society

Panel #3

Table III. Financial showing of Washoe Mining Companies whose stocks were dealt in at the San Francisco Boards at the close of the Census year June 30, 1880: of the 103 mining companies reported, 6 show an excess in amount of dividends over assessments, and 97 an excess in amount of assessments over dividends; 14 have paid dividends, and 102 have levied assessments; 1 has paid dividends and levied no assessments; 89 have levied assessments and paid no dividends; and 13 have paid dividends and levied assessments. [List]

The Comstock Lode Mining Companies (Washoe Mining District)
Only 6 of these 103 mines made any profit (multiply by 25 to approximate today's dollars) [Vertical section of the Comstock Lode]

The Big Bonanza Mines, California and Consolidated Virginia yielded 55% silver; 45% gold [Chart of mine products]

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