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Object ID 1000.115.01
Title "Local Newspapers Provide Glimpses of Daily Life During the War Years"
Object Name Exhibit
Date April 2004
Creator Susan Elwell
Description "Local Newspapers Provide Glimpses of Daily Life During the War Years"

Exhibit (1 of 2, see also 1000.115.02) produced by Susan Elwell for the Chevy Chase Historical Society event "WWII: Chevy Chase Remembers, April 2004

Photograph (2008.155.08):
Wartime era photograph of Wisconsin Avenue and East-West Highway. Note sign on right that states "Hot Shoppe coming soon."

Billboard sponsored by the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Lions Club honoring the men and women serving in the Armed Forces from the 7th Election District (photo courtesy of Julie Thomas)

Article Excerpts:

Montgomery County Sentinel
April 30,1942
"I Might Be Wrong—But" By P.G. Stromberg

...the greatest task of organized, preparation rested—and still rests—with the efforts to place the millions of citizens forming "the home front" on a war footing...but both the fighting forces and the production forces to be fully efficient, must have the united support of "the home front."...who realize that many sacrifices and self denials must be made in order to keep the two war phases—production and fighting—stepping ahead to meet the challenge to freedom...the American public is to be regulated in many intimate and personal ways. Tires, automobiles, sugar, canned goods, clothing, soaps, fuel, shoes and many other items will not only be rationed but the price will be regulated...The American people are ready Mr. President. All that they ask is that you point the way...

You need have no misgivings Mr. President of any noticeable reluctance on the part of our people to obey regulations even though severe.

As a matter of fact the imposition of rations and regulations will provide means of "smoking out" what Quislings we might have in our midst.

Montgomery Journal
May 8,1942
"Dawn Patrol"

We, all of us talk about doing our part in the war effort but most of us insist upon a cup of coffee first. But William Boiling and T.O. Nichols answered the call of the American Legion for volunteer airplane spotters by offering to stand the dog watch—from 4 am to 8 am twice a week. National Defense means business in the vocabulary of these two gentlemen.

Bethesda Journal
May 8,1942
"Observation Post Completed Through Cooperative Efforts"

...Upon the entrance of the United States in the war, the Army Interceptor Command requested the local post of the American Legion to take over two observation posts in this section one in Yorketown Village and the other at the Bradley Hills Country Club and be responsible for manning these posts 24 hours a day....but until the completion of the new post this week, the Bradley Hills observation was done from the Country Club...

The ground on which the post is located was donated by Edward G. Adams of Chevy Chase...

Bethesda Journal
May 8,1942
"Brault Corrects Misunderstanding"

A misunderstanding exists in the minds of the general public as to the difference between a first aid station and a casualty station. Albert E. Brault, Director of Civilian Defense for Montgomery County pointed out this week. In an effort to correct this, Director Brault makes the following explanation and appeal:

A casualty station is intended only for seriously injured cases sent by ambulance from the mobile first aid units. First aid units, of which there are 50 in the county, are equipped with surgical and medical supplies and equipment for treating injured persons at the scene of the emergency.
Permanently located first aid stations are not encouraged because they create a shortage of medical supplies and in most instances would not be quipped for the kind of injuries suffered in bombing and bombardment. The mobile units can go directly to the injured accompanied by ambulances to carry the seriously injured to casualty stations.

Groups desiring to aid in buying needed supplies for civilian defense should apply their funds to the purchase of equipment more sorely needed than first aid stations. Director Brault pointed out. Stretchers, ambulance stretcher holders, and supplies for warden's posts are three items badly needed.

Montgomery County Sentinel
August 13,1942
"V-Mail Service Now Available at Post Office Here"

The new V-Mail folders designed for letters to men serving overseas in the nation's armed forces now are available ...No charge is made for the folders but only three will be issued to any person at one time in order to prevent waste.

V-mail service has been established for purpose of providing swift transmission of letters between men of the armed services stationed outside the continental United States and their parents, relatives and friends. The special paper is a combined letter sheet and envelope...a standard minimum weight, grade and grain...

The Post Office Department has promised that due to the reduction in weight and size of V-mail and their uniform dimensions, they can and will be accorded the most expeditious and preferred dispatch and transportation possible....V-mail is being micro-filmed wherever large volumes of mail and long distances are involved..

Scanned Image (1000.115.01c):
V-Mail Form

Bethesda Journal
December 18,1942
"With the Men
In Service
Ensign Pennington"

Ensign William C. Pennington, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Pennington of 12 Taylor Street, Chevy Chase was graduated recently from the Navy Supply School at Harvard University and assigned to active duty.

Montgomery County Sentinel
June 25,1942
"Registration for Men under Twenty Set for June 30"

County School Principals and Teachers to Have General Charge. Centers Announced
Registration centers in Montgomery County for men born on or after January 1, 1922 and on or before June 20, 1924 were announced yesterday by County School Supt. Edwin W. Broome.

... principal and teachers in general charge at each school have been instructed to meet with the chairmen of their respective draft draft board headquarters...

Montgomery County Sentinel Thursday
June 25,1942
"Gasoline Ration Books will be Issued July 9-11
Registration Days Divided into periods..."

Central committees at each Montgomery County school have been appointed and will be responsible for setting up their own local organization to conduct registration for distribution of gasoline ration books on July 9, 10 and 11 School Supt. Edwin W. Broome announced.
"We know it will be inconvenient and in many instances very difficult for many of us to devote the time to the program now", Mr. Broome said. "The spirit of service and war obligation gives us a fuller satisfaction even though much sacrifice has to be made...
The registration centers and officers in charge are:... Chevy Chase Elementary Zaides Du Pre, Mary Singles, Hazel Phillips...

Bethesda Journal
May 8,1942
"Registration for Gasoline To Be Held May 12, 13, and 14
All elementary Schools of the County Will Be open from 2 to 7Pm on these dates for Registration: Teachers will be in Charge"

Registration for gasoline rationing in Montgomery County will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday May 12, 13 and 14 between the hours of 2 and 7PM at ail elementary schools of the county, both white and colored. Public school teachers virill be in charge and the registration will be carried out in much the same manner as the sugar registration.

Owners of passenger cars, motorcycles and boats having inboard motors must register. Only exceptions are ambulances or hearses; ....vehicles ...the property of an agency of the Federal, State or local government; trucks, buses, taxis, motorboats not classified as pleasure craft and vehicles used by members of the armed forces of travel order.

Montgomery County Journal
October 13,1942
"Registration of Tires Must Be Made by Dec.1"

List of 8 Service Stations and Garages in Bethesda-
Chevy Chase Area Where Blanks May Be Obtained is Announced

Illegal to Own over 5 Tires after Nov.22

Montgomery County Residents are required to register their automobile serial numbers and other pertinent information concerning tires before December 1, the County Commodity Rationing Board announced today. The list of gasoline stations and garages in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area where original registration forms may be obtained includes:
Sopor's Esso Station 8240 Wisconsin Avenue
Burrow's Service Station, 6831 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase Esso Station 8111 Connecticut Avenue
Community Motors 7105 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda Shell Station, 7000 Old Georgetown Road
Marty's Esso Station 7630 Old Georgetown Road
Tire Repair Shop, 7020 Wisconsin Avenue

Montgomery County Sentinel
April 30,1942
"Registration for 'War Ration Book One' Begins on May 4
Elementary Schools to be used as Sites."

Pointing out that the sugar ration is expected to be a guide for the distribution of other commodities which may be rationed later, Louis C. Burr, Maryland ration administrator said today that all Marylanders should register for the sugar ration May 4 to 7 even though some may think they will not need ration books for sugar purchases...

Mr. Burr explained that the names of those who register will provide a roster for any further rationing of other staples...the official name of the ration cards is "War Ration Book One"...registrants must have a list of the members of the family and the exact names; an exact description of each: weight, color of eyes, hair, age and sex; relationship of each to the registrant and exact statement of the amount of sugar in the household.

"Unless this information was furnished," Mr. Burr said "the ration books would not be issued."