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Object ID 1000.124.02
Title A Rock Creek Childhood: Recollections of Fred Winkler
Object Name Exhibit
Date 12/04/2005
Creator Ellouise Schoettler
Description A Rock Creek Childhood: Recollections of Fred Winkler (p. 2 of 6: see 1000.124.01 and 1000
as told to Ellouise Schoettler, ANS Special Events Coordinator
for the Audubon Naturalist Fair, December 4, 2005

Panel #2

Fred Winkler's family photographs and recollections give us a glimpse into rural life on Jones Mill Road in the first quarter of the twentieth century.
Fred's parents, Bernhard Winkler and his wife, Hermine Thalman came to the United States from Switzerland at the turn of the century. Originally they lived on Rosemary Street in Chevy Chase Village. In 1910 they moved this house by horse and wagon from Rosemary Street to their new property on the Rock Creek side of Jones Mill Road.
"My twin sister Elsie and I were born in this house in 1917. It had four rooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a family room where there was a large table in the center of the room. We ate, played games, and did our homework on that table. The house was small and it could feel pretty tight with my parents, Elsie and me, and my older sisters Margaret, Helen and Barbara but it was comfortable. I remember that we had a wood stove for heat and cooking and we used kerosene lamps to light the house - until they ran electric lines out here."


Fred Winkler [1000.124.09]

Fred and Elsie Winkler [1000.124.02a]

Bernhard and Hermine Winkler [1000.124.02b]

"First home of Bernhard and Hermine Winkler in America. Located on Rosemary Street, the house was later, in 1910, moved by horse and wagon to the site along Rock Creek." [1994.01.12]

Hermine Winkler and her three older daughters, Margaret, Helen and Barbara [1994.01.08]