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Object ID 1000.105.01
Title "3911 Bradley Lane"
Object Name Exhibit
Date 1996
Creator Julie Thomas
Description "3911 Bradley Lane"
Exhibit produced by Julie Thomas for the Chevy Chase Historical Society for 1996 Gala

Article: "The Defense of Wake" by Peter Andrews, _American Heritage_, July/ August 1987
Major James P.S. Devereux, subject of article, lived at 3911 Bradley Lane
Located in "Devereux" file, secondary collection

"Our Happy Marriage"
From the memoirs of Annie Sinnott Devereux, written for her children and grandchildren

From page 13:

"…The next summer we spent at Cape May, N. J., Archbishop Ryan making us frequent visits. We then bought my present home in Chevy Chase, No. 3 West Bradley Lane. Ryan resumed his teaching at the Georgetown School in 1910. The house that we bought at Chevy Chase was of stucco construction, built by Mr. Ford, who was a great scholar, and the largest room in the house was his library. We decided to remodel the house, having Clarke Waggerman as our architect. He designed a Georgian brick house and while we were living in the old house, the front of the house was covered with brick and two wings were added. It was very interesting to see the house gradually change from one type to another. We added a large ballroom, which is four steps lower than the entrance hall and has a small raised platform at one end. Here several people have lectured. Our neighbors at Chevy Chase were the Glassies, Chases , Mactiers , Demings, Peelles, Latimers , Martins , Dunlops , Wheatleys, Morgans and Mrs. Bordon.

Agnes was born November 14th, 1910. Mrs. Glassie and Mrs. Chase also had babies that year, Henry Glassie, lawyer and Jay Chase, Jr., now Lieutenant, U.S.N. Agnes was baptized by Archbishop Ryan, who died the next February. In 1913 Tristram Coffin was born. I was so ill at the time that my mother and sister came down from Philadelphia and said goodbye to me, not expecting me to live.

Ryan and I were both greatly interested in Woman Suffrage and Ryan lectured all around the country. Dr. Anna Shaw stayed with us and gave a lecture at the Chevy Chase Library.

Two of our summers were spent at Woodbury Forest School near Orange, VA, where we took a whole dormitory for the children. Our chief amusement there was the races given all around that country. Joseph had his race- horse "Highflyer" and we had "Mingo", a little pony given James by Mr. Squires, and "Dynamite", a very speedy Shetland pony. With these three homes the children won almost every race they entered. So no of the children attended Chevy Chase Public School. Joseph and John went to the old Preparatory School of Georgetown College. Margaret went to Sacred Heart Convent at Eden Hall, Penna. The next year we placed her at Notre Dame Convent just outside of Baltimore, so that she would be a little closer to home. She contracted Typhoid Fever there and we brought her home desperately ill. Fortunately she recovered completely. While Margaret was ill a fire broke out in the back of the house, burning through to the second floor before the firemen had it under control. Margaret and her nurse both slept through the whole thing…"

From pg. 15:

"I was in a street car going out to Chevy Chase when I heard a man in the car say-"Well, the 'Big Bertha'is shelling Paris." I knew my husband was there, and burst out crying, but fortunately the Germans did not take Paris.

My daughter Margaret was driving an ambulance in Mrs. Borden Harriman's Unit. There was a flu epidemic in Washington and Margaret often helped women and men dress and wrapped blankets around them and took them in the Red Cross Ambulance to the different hospitals. It was pretty severe work for Margaret, but she came through it well and fortunately did not take the Flu. James and the other boys used to help by taking medicines around to the sick.John, who was seventeen, tried to get into the Army in any way he could, even as a bugler in the Marine Corps, but waqs turned down, so joined the Reserve Officer's Camp at the Catholic University
Then came the Armistice. First the false Armistice, when all Departments closed and Pennsylvania Avenue was crowded with rejoicing people…"

From pg. 21:

"Mary returned to Notre Dame Convent in Baltimore. The next winter Anne made her debut at our home in Chevy Chase. She first had a large tea on the 13th of December, then a dance on New Year's night. She wore a dress of Caramacrosse Lace, which had been sent to me by my Irish aunts at the time of my wedding. Later her portrait was painted in this dress. The girls who made their debuts in Washington had a very strenuous time - entertainments all day and all night. I never allowed Anne to get up before twelve o'clock, unless she had a luncheon. Of course every night was filled with dances, but fortunately she was able to stand it…"

From pg. 24:

"…On January 29th, 1929, Mary made her debut, the last large party, I believe, given at Chevy Chase. It was too great a crowd for comfort. Ray Crist was at Annapolis and of course Mary went down there to all the dances and after his graduation, their engagement was announced. The wedding took place on June 29th of that year in the garden of our Chevy Chase home. The wedding procession came from the ballroom, down the steps of the porch to the lower garden around the mirror pool and up the path to the brick arch-way where we had an altar arranged. First, the two altar boys, then Father Smyth, then the ushers all in white (mostly men in the service) then the eight bridesmaids in soft pastel colors…"

Photo (1996.01.09) :
1935, In front of house
- Sibyl Kemp Devereux (left)
- Mary Virginia Devereux (right)
- Patricia Dechantel Devereux (Crowley) (on sled)

1996.02.09, 1996.02.04, 1996.02.05, 1996.02.06
China National Technical Import and Export Corporation, U.S.A., 1981-1994
Photos courtesy of Danette Christmas

1996.01.07a, b; 1996.01.08a, b
Dr. John Ryan Devereux and Annie Lenora Sinnott Devereux and Family, No. 3 W. Bradley Lane, 1910-1946

Photo by Marjorie Zapruder

c. 1930 by pond: Charles Kemp Devereux (left), Helen Kemp Devereux (Egan), Joseph F.S. Devereux, Jr., John Ryan Devereux, III

Bradley Lane, February 24, 1910
Looking west toward Wisconsin Avenue. St. John's Episcopal Church in top right, Chevy Chase Club on left. Courtesy Montgomery County Historical Society.

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