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Object ID 1000.127.06
Title 7401 Brookville Road
Object Name Exhibit
Date 2009
Creator Evelyn Gerson
Description 7401 Brookville (Brookeville) Road "End Lane" Bradshaw House (p. 6 of 8: see 1000.127.01-05 and 1000.127.07-08)
Exhibit by Evelyn Gerson for the 2009 Chevy Chase Historical Society Gala at 7401 Brookville Road

Where Did the "e" Go in "Brookeville"?
Take a close look at this page from the 1931 Klinge Atlas and you will see that Brookville Road once had an extra "e" in its spelling. Where did this letter go? According to local legend, the State of Maryland misspelled the name of the road when it printed intrastate highway signs in the late 1930s early 1940s. No one in the state printing office caught the misspelling, and it stuck, much to the chagrin of long-time residents who still insist on spelling "Brookeville" traditionally. As the photo taken at the present corner of Bradley Lane and "Brookeville" Road demonstrates, no conventional spelling can be agreed upon even along the road itself. [2009.126.01]

Section 5 sign [2009.126.05]

Another big change occurred for the road around this same time. According to Bill Offutt, parking was prohibited on Brookville Road in 1941, although a few select spots in front of the Brookville Shopping Center were permitted.

No Gain

One of the oldest buildings in Montgomery County, this house is believed to have been affectionately dubbed "No Gain" when its owner, Zachariah Maccubbin, had his property surveyed in 1786, only to find out that it contained fewer acres than what he had thought. The No Gain farm also included a barn and a log cabin dating from the 1760s. By the late 1800s, the property fell into disrepair, but new owners Wentworth and Minnie E. Brooke renovated and turned the main house into living quarters for their extended family and opened an inn. The barn became Brook Farm Tea House, a most suitable namesake for both its owner and the road on which it sat. No Gain's present address is 3518 Thornapple Street on the corner of Brookville Road, and technically the property is considered within the environs of Section Five. But at the time these pictures were taken in the late 1800s, neither Section Five nor Martin's Addition existed, making it yet another stop along the Tennallytown & Brookeville Road.

"No Gain, " Brook Farm Front, 1896, before Renovation, gift of Edith Claude Jarvis [2008.331.05]

"No Gain " Cabin at Brook Farm, 1896, gift of Edith Claude Jarvis [2008.331.06]