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Object ID 1000.104.01
Title "101 East Melrose Street"
Object Name Exhibit
Date 1988
Creator Julie Thomas
Description "101 East Melrose Street"
Exhibit produced by Julie Thomas for the Chevy Chase Historical Society for 1998 Gala

Home of Daniel Korengold and Martha Dippell

Photo: 2008.296.04

The residence at 101 East Melrose Street has been on Brookville Road for over ninety years. During this period, the original plan has been changed many times. The house has been owned by several Chevy Chase families--the Claudes, the Laucks, the Clagetts, and the Bradens. The present owners, Daniel Korengold and Martha Dippell, have given their home elegance and style through a superior renovation and restoration. The colonial-style house has a newly configured front-to-back center hall with French doors opening to the terrace, and a sweeping staircase with a handmade railing and balusters. Of special interest is the large living room which retains the Italian marble fireplace, the solid walnut paneled library, the dining room with a curved bay extension, and a wall covered with 19th century wallpaper featuring scenes from early American history.

BEFORE (1000.104.01a)
Back terrace looking into walnut library, north to south. You can see far entrance from library into living room. Old lathe is well-preserved.
AFTER (1000.104.01b)
From back terrace looking into walnut library, north to south. Entry from library to living room.

BEFORE (1000.104.01c)
Looking east from little library (oldest part of house) into old dining room, now front hall. Entry on right is old and was a false door going into former dining room--new entry to little library framed on left. In between is the steel beam, running from basement to 3rd floor, probably added when addition to east (everything you see here) was added circa 1900. very early example of residential use of steel.
AFTER (1000.104.01d)
Looking east in little library.

BEFORE (1000.104.01e)
Looking east into walnut library from living room. We added pine mantle from NY circa 1820 and walnut paneling.
AFTER (1000.104.01f)
Looking east into walnut library from living room.

BEFORE (1000.104.01g)
View from walnut library through living room west into current front hall. Note old double porcelain laundry sink, currently in basement.
AFTER (1000.104.01h)
View from walnut library though living room west into front hall.

BEFORE (1000.104.01i)
West side, current dining room addition on Brookville Road looking from south to north--addition attaches to oldest part of house, SW corner, currently little library. Note old lathe on right.
AFTER (1000.104.01j)
West side, dining room addition on Brookville Road
AFTER (1000.104.01k)
West side, dining room addition on Brookville Road, looking south to north.

BEFORE (1000.104.01l)
Back terrace. North living room windows. Note old lathe, walnut library. French doors at left.
AFTER (1000.104.01m)
Back terrace. Doors to walnut library on left, living room windows on right.

BEFORE (1000.104.01n)
New dining room apse, looking from north to south on west, Brookville Road side. Kitchen and pantry door on left.
AFTER (1000.104.01o)
West side (Brookville Road) looking back to front (north to south). New dining room apse. Kitchen and pantry door on left.

BEFORE (1000.104.01p)
Corner of laundry room on north end of house, looking from northwest or southeast--Brookville Road behind viewer. New part of family room.

BEFORE (1000.104.01q)
Back exterior view, from terrace looking west to original corner of house (1951 addition, ofrmerly the dining room), now family room. Top dormer on left was reduced in size.
AFTER (1000.104.01r)
Looking west to north end of house--original room, new family room addition. Second story in former end of 1951 addition.

BEFORE (1000.104.01s)
From north looking south to back side of house. Walnut library on left, living room windows in middle, former laundry room, new family room on left.
AFTER (1000.104.01t)
From north looking south to back of house showing family room addition in middle, kitchen on right, Brookville Road on right, living room windows on left.

BEFORE (1000.104.01u)
Looking south to front door from old dining room (new front hall). The old main stairs.

BEFORE (1000.104.01v)
Looking north from front door, old main stairs, into old dining room (new front hall). Small old bay window removed from back (north) of old dining room.

AFTER (1000.104.01w)
Restored front door looking south. New main stairs on right.

BEFORE (1000.104.01x)
New guest powder room, 1st floor from living room. First paint coat for later "Biedermeir"-like glazing by Malcolm Robson.
AFTER (1000.104.01y)
New guest powder from from living room. FInished "Biedermeir" glazing.

BEFORE (1000.104.01z)
Looking to southwest, back of brick chimney for little library fireplace, the oldest chimney in the house. The area is now part of the dining room. See old wall supports.
AFTER (1000.104.01aa)
Present dining room looking to southwest behind this wall is brick chimney, oldest in the house.

BEFORE (1000.104.01bb)
Looking northeast to back stairs, 1st floor from current dining room. See old back stairs in same location.
AFTER (1000.104.01cc)
Looking from dining room to back stairs to northeast.

Photos (1000.104.01dd, ee):
Summer 1993, South Facade

Exhibit 1 of 2 (see 1000.104.02)