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Title It's hard to believe but...
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Creator Chevy Chase Village Citizens Association
Description Chevy Chase Village Citizens Association

It's hard to believe, but...
DESPITE letters and testimony from Chevy Chase Village Board of Managers and the Citizens Associations of Chevy Chase Village, Chevy Chase Gardens, Chevy Chase Terrace, Drummond, Somerset, Brookdale-Orchardale, Kenwood, Sumner, Westmoreland, D. C. groups and numerous other town councils, PTAs, committees and individuals representing this area, and the months spent on developing the Citizens Plan for Friendship Heights, It appears that the MONTGOMERY COUNTY PLANNING BOARD IS ABOUT TO TOTALLY DISMISS OUR PROPOSALS for limiting development of the Wisconsin-Western commercial area to a level compatible with preserving residential neighborhoods.

In its place, incredibly, the Planning Board Staff recommends ADOPTING A FAR HIGHER DENSITY PLAN. They further recommended approving a far more intensive development on the Chevy Chase Land Co. site spreading across the residentially zoned parking lots and up Wisconsin Avenue toward the residential areas to the north and east, prohibited under the Board's own Draft Plan.

On Tuesday, June 19, after a perfunctory and often sarcastic commentary on the Citizens Plan and on the testimony of neighborhoods, THE STAFF RECOMMENDED THAT THE PLANNING BOARD DO THE FOLLOWING:

-- accept the concept of overdevelopment at Friendship Heights as a means of fostering more Metro ridership thus assuring commercial landowners bigger returns on their investments
-- approve the development of the CHEVY CHASE LAND COMPANY TRACT (from the Saks parking lot to Western Avenue on the East side of Wisconsin) to FIVE TIMES, and ultimately ten times THE EXISTING COMMERCIAL BUILDING ON THAT TRACT and to EXPAND considerably the size of the BUSINESS DISTRICT to the north and East from the Board is draft plan.


- 6-8 HIGH RISE BUILDINGS up the East side of Wisconsin with 10-12 buildings ultimately, each six to eleven stories high
- A huge parking structure adjacent to and rising to the top of the present wall next to Chevy Chase Village, spewing exhaust from thousands of cars
-ten years of pile-driving, bulldozing and CONSTRUCTION on our borders
-traffic CONGESTION far beyond the carrying capacity of existing roads
-Increased air POLLUTION and water-sewer problems
-increased PRESSURE for development on Wisconsin Avenue between Chevy Chase and Bethesda

YOU CAN HELP BY doing the following:
1.Telephone 589-1480, telegraph or write your protest before June 26 to the four members of the Board who are in the process of taking final action

Mr. Jack Alfandre, 6928 Barrett Lane, Bethesda, Md.
Mr. Thomas M. Anderson, 10401 Grosvenor Place, Rockville
Mrs. Esther Gelman, 8719 Post Oak Road, Potomac, Md.
Dr. Royce Hanson, 8212 Killea Lane, Potomac, Md.
(Mrs. Helen Scharff has exempted herself due to a family financial interest in Friendship Heights)

2.Send copies of all correspondence to the Montgomery County Council, County Office Building, 100 S. Perry Street, Rockville, Md.

This Is important because a) The planning Board is appointed by the Council, and b) the final review of the Friendship Heights Plan will be made by the Council.

3.ATTEND the final Planning Board meeting on Friendship Heights on TUESDAY, JUNE 26 beginning at 9:30 a.m. at 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring. A roomful of informed citizens can make a difference.