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Object ID 1988.14.18
Title Chevy Chase Section 2 Lots Sold and Prices per square foot
Object Name map
Description Chevy Chase Section 2 Lots Sold and Prices per square foot
Map Shows lots that have been sold as well as prices per square foot for each lot. Prices range from 13 cents to 35 cents.
Bradley Lane
Quincy Street
Primrose Street
Oxford Street
Newlands Street
Melrose Street
Lenox Street
Kirke Street
Irving Street
Hesketh Street
Grafton Street
Columbia Boulevard (later Western Avenue)
Magnolia Parkway
Cedar Parkway
Laurel Parkway
Connecticut Avenue
Linden Parkway
Restrictions: Houses fronting upon Connecticut Avenue must cost no less than $5000.00 each. Houses fronting upon the other streets of this subdivision must cost not less than $3000.00 each. No business to be conducted upon this section. Other portions of the sub-division being set apart for that purpose. Stables and Carriage Houses shall not be erected within twenty-five of the front line of any lot. Buildings in rows will not be permitted. Houses must stand singly or in pairs.
Information: Chevy Chase is situated in Montgomery County, State of Maryland. It has an elevation of 360 feet above high tide water and is at the head of Connecticut AVenue, anbd 5 1/3 miles northwest from the White House. It occupies the land on both sides of the [Connecticut] Avenue from the Maryland line, to the tracks of the Metropolitan Southern Branch of the B. & O. Railroad. Fine Water Works are established, deriving the supply from artesian wells. Water is pumped into a stand-pipe, double the height of the one at the Head of 16th Street, N.W., in Washington, DC. Thus insuring fine pressure for domestic and fire purposes. A thorough system of sewerage has been provided under the direction of Mr. Samuel M. Gray, Sanitary Engineer. The Avenues, Parks, Streets and Houses are Lighted by Electricity. Picturesque effects have been and are being produced under Mr. Nathan F. Barrett, Landscape Engineer. Electric cars [trolley cars] furnish direct and rapid transit to Washington. A number of large and fine springs are situated on the highest land of Chevy Chase, and adjacent to these the Chevy Chase Springs Hotel is not building. Hotel, Office Building, Principal Residences and Architectural Ornamental Work Designed by Mr. Lindley Johnson, Architect. A Fire Department, with Electric Alarm, will be established.

RESTRICTED: May be used for historical purposes and display by CCHS, however publication must have prior approval. Not to be used for legal purposes, zoning and land use procedures.