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Object ID 1000.124.04
Title A Rock Creek Childhood: Recollections of Fred Winkler
Object Name Exhibit
Date 12/04/2005
Creator Ellouise Schoettler
Description A Rock Creek Childhood: Recollections of Fred Winkler (p. 4 of 6: see 1000.124.01-03 and 1000
as told to Ellouise Schoettler, ANS Special Events Coordinator
for the Audubon Naturalist Fair, December 4, 2005

Panel #4

Photo of chickens [1000.124.11]

Photo of Margaret feeding white leghorn chickens [1000.124.10]

Photo of Bernhard Winkler with a daughter [1994.01.07]

The Winkler Farm (circa 1917) [1000.124.04a]
Eighty-five years ago Bernhard and Hermine Winkler and their five children lived on a small farm on Jones Mill Road, which was also the site of Winkler's commercial greenhouses where he raised carnations and chrysanthemums.
"We were a self-sustaining farm. Pop milked the cows twice a day and we raised chickens for eggs and to eat. We grew vegetables such as corn, squash, chard, beans, peas and cantaloupes. Every year Pop planted 8 furrows of potatoes and we stored them for the winter. I loved to eat the potatoes. We had pear trees and we had a Grimes apple tree. The Grimes variety, much like a golden delicious, is not grown anymore. We canned the fruits and vegetables and my parents also made cider."

"One year Pop had such a bountiful crop that my mother and sisters were kept very busy picking strawberries and making preserves." [1994.01.04]