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Object ID 2003.19.03
Title The Chevy Chase Spector, 1922
Object Name Yearbook
Date 1922
Creator Chevy Chase School students
Description Yearbook from Chevy Chase (Junior College) School dated for 1921-1922

Editorial Staff:
Louise Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Louise Gilmore, Art and Dramatic Editor
Evelyn Poutch, Assistant Art and Dramatic Editor
Christine Humphreys Marion McWilliams and Marie Galloway, Society Editors
Mary Winters, Sports and Jokes and Business Manager
Rhea Walton, Alumnae Editor
Barbara Leighton, Artist

Looking Backward, 1950
As I sit in the cool of this spring afternoon my thoughts go back to the year 1922 when I was a school girl at Chevy Chase. Many things have happened since those carefree days. My hair has turned to gray, but for the minute I forget the present and live again the past. I remember well the day in September when the girls arrived from many States to take up their studies for a few months; the whole-heartedness in the way we were received made each girl love it from the very start. Sweet, gentle Miss Newell — I can see her now as she showed us to our rooms.

The girls were so dear, we had no trouble at all in getting acquainted. To everyone we met we would say," Where are you from ?" "Oh, then you know So-and-So." The whole building was ringing with enthusiasm. The old girls. My, but they were darlin'. I felt almost sorry for their having to answer the numerous questions that the new girls "popped," before they could recover breath from answering the other. By evening we knew all the rules of the school, all about the wonderful dances and dinners and many other things. Every old girl said, "Oh, you will love it here, everybody does." By the time we had been there a week and knew all the girls, we loved Chevy, too.

Dr. and Mrs. Farrington, so it seemed, tried to make every moment of our stay away from home a pleasure. I have never before seen so much interest taken by the head of a school. Chevy had that homey atmosphere about it that kept us from getting lonesome. Of course there have been many changes in the years since I was there. The school has passed into other hands, and no one could keep up the same spirit. It is the Chevy Chase of old days that I love.