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Object ID 1000.127.07
Title 7401 Brookville Road
Object Name Exhibit
Date 2009
Creator Evelyn Gerson
Description 7401 Brookville (Brookeville) Road "End Lane" Bradshaw House (p. 7 of 8: see 1000.127.01-06 and 1000.127.08)
Exhibit by Evelyn Gerson for the 2009 Chevy Chase Historical Society Gala at 7401 Brookville Road

Looking North
These photos provide three overlapping perspectives of Brookeville Road during the early 1900s.
The first vantage point, taken in 1910, looks north from Taylor Street, with the No Gain building on Thornapple Street in the right hand corner of the frame. If you were standing at this point today, La Ferme's driveway would be to your immediate right. Ten years later, someone snapped a photo of a group of boys walking on Brookeville Road between Underwood Street and Williams Lane. The second image of two boys walking on the road was taken looking north at Williams Lane and shows the neighborhood that later became Rollingwood. All of these images tell the story of a weathered dirt road with few houses and such sporadic traffic that one could safely walk in the middle of it.

Brookeville Road Looking North From Taylor Street, 1910, courtesy of the Montgomery County
Historical Society [1000.127.07a]

Walking Home from the Creek, between Underwood and Williams Lane, 1920, courtesy of Robert J. Stevens [2008.171.05]

Two Boys on Brookeville Road at Williams Lane, Looking North, 1920, courtesy of Robert J. Stevens [1990.06.02]

"I live in the same house I was born in on Brookville Road in 1915...there wasn't much traffic there at all, you know. So perfectly safe to push your doll carriage up the center of the road if you wanted to. (laugh) Get out of the way of an occasional car. (laugh)" - Marion Esch Potter, oral history taped interview, May 10, 2001

Jane & Marion Esch in front of 6801 Brookeville Road, circa 1920, courtesy of Marion Esch Potter [2007.40.02]