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Object ID 1988.14.11
Title Plat of Dedication of 20' Alley in Blocks 35, 45, 8, 46
Object Name Blueprints/Architectural Plans
Date October 1927
Creator DJ Howell and Son, Engineers
Description Plat of Dedication of 20' Alley in Blocks 35, 45, 8, 46, Chevy Chase, MD, Section 2, Montgomery County, MD

"Not recorded"

Alley between Brookville Road, Western and Broad Branch Road
Newlands Street
Melrose Street
Lenox Street
Kirke Street
Western Avenue
Broad Branch Road
Brookville Road
Chevy Chase Land Company

2 copies

"Engineer's Certification: 'We, the undersigned, David J. Howell and Son, hereby certify to the following: 1. THAT the public alley shown hereon has been carefully and accurately surveyed and platted at the request of the Chevy Chase Land Company of Montgomery County, Maryland owner and maker of this plat and that the said public alley is a dedication of a part of Chevy Chase Section 2, Montgomery County, Maryland as herein after set forth, and
1 (a). THAT the parcels of land indicated hereon and to be hereby dedicated are parts of lots 1, 10, and 11 in Block 35, lots 4, 5, 16 and 17 in Block 45 and lots 6 and 14 in Block 46 of Chevy Chase Section 2 as recorded in Plat Book 2, Plat 106 among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland and
1 (b). THAT bearings and distances shown in parentheses are from record plat; data from survey and computation are shown without parentheses; areas shown are computed from record plat; and
2. THAT the lines of said dedication do not conflict with any subdivision heretofore made and recorded among the Land Records of Montgomery County, Maryland, except as noted in paragraph 1 (b) above, and
3. THAT monument stones designated as # 1 to #6 are accurately set so as to appear on the surface and extend well into the ground below the surface and that said stones are not less than six (6) inches minimum dimension on top, and
4. THAT the survey bearings are based on the bearing of the Maryland - District of Columbia line, said bearing being N 44 59'30" E referred to the true meridian.'
David J. Howell and Son Engineers"

"Owner's Dedication: 'The DECLARATION of DEDICATION made this fifteenth day of November in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-seven.
WITNESSETH: That the Chevy Chase Land Company of Montgomery County, Maryland, being the owner has caused to be surveyed the tract of land shown upon this plat as as set forth in the Engineers Certification here on and by the execution of these presents and the filing and recording of this plat it does dedicate the 20' public alley through blocks 35, 45 and 46, as shown hereon for public use for any lawful purpose whatever.
AND does further hereby direct the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Maryland to file and record this plat after its approval in due form by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.
IN Witness whereof the Chevy Chase Land Company of Montgomery County, Maryland has caused these presents to be signed with the corporate name by Edward J. Stellwagen, its President attested by and its corporate seal to be hereto affixed.'
RESTRICTED: May be used for historical purposes and display by CCHS, however publication must have prior approval. Not to be used for legal purposes, zoning and land use procedures.