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Object ID 1000.115.02
Title "Local Newspapers Provide Glimpses of Daily Life During the War Years" Part 2
Object Name Exhibit
Date April 2004
Creator Susan Elwell
Description "Local Newspapers Provide Glimpses of Daily Life During the War Years"

Exhibit (2 of 2, see also 1000.115.01) produced by Susan Elwell for the Chevy Chase Historical Society event "WWII: Chevy Chase Remembers, April 2004

Photograph (1000.115.02a):
"Gateway to Democracy" war aluminum drive. (photo courtesy of Julie Thomas)

Article excerpts:

Bethesda Journal
May 1942
"Troop 255 Fathers' Banquet Guest Speakers Stress Scout Importance"

Linn C. Drake, executive director of the Boy Scout organization in the National Capital Area and E.J.Forio, public relations director of the Coca-cola Company of Atlanta emphasized the importance of the Boy Scout movement in the days a banquet for Scout fathers in the Chevy Chase Methodist Church ....Forty nine were in attendance....

One of the features of the evening was the presentation of leather traveling bags to Scoutmaster Fred Plitt and Assistant Scoutmaster Leslie Teller who will leave the troops soon to join the armed forces of the U.S....

The following will serve on the troop committee during the coming yean Richard Johnson, William J. Keriin, Dr. Graham Lamb, Richard Boaz9 William G. Hills, Charles Weaver, Harmon Warner, Arthur Evenson and Rev. Clifford H. Richmond.

Ladies of he Chevy Chase Methodist Church served a banquet dinner amid decorations of red, white and blue.

The Bethesda Journal
December 18,1942
"Christmas Pageant will be Presented Sunday Afternoon"

Over 150 students of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School will take part in "The Shrine of the Star11 a musical pageant written and directed by Mrs. Thomas W. Pyle which will be presented to the public Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the auditorium of the Leland Junior High School.
Designed to present the spiritual significance of Christmas...

Montgomery County Sentinel
Thursday August 13, 1942
"Chevy Chase Man is appointed Register of Wills"

Jesse W. Nicholson of Chevy Chase, this week was appointed Register of Wills....

Mr. Nicholson, retired appraiser for he Bureau of Internal Revenue is the husband of Mrs. Mollie W. Nicholson, prominent lower-county Democratic leader. Mrs. Nicholson was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Representative for the Sixth Congressional District until she withdrew a few weeks ago in favor of e candidacy of Lieut. Col. E Brooke Lee...

Montgomery County Sentinel
June 25,1942
"Farm Labor Fund Insufficient For School Boy Use
School Superintendent and County Agent Declare Appropriation Not Enough to Cover Cost. Boys Start This Week"

Fund appropriated by the Montgomery County Commissioners for a week's experiment in the use of Washington high school boys to aid in alleviating the farm labor shortages are not sufficient, the commissioners were informed this week...

Anderson said the boys had had only three days of work in three weeks and need toughening up before they are able to work full time and that it had been planned to ease their work a little the first week..

Bethesda Journal
May 5,1942
"Posters Will Aid Canteen Corps Work"

The art class of Montgomery Blair High School has made 20 posters for the Canteen Corps of the Montgomery County Chapter, American Red Cross to aid in the countywide recruiting campaign being conducted by the canteen chairman Mrs. II. Beebe...

Over a hundred of these posters will eventually carry the corps slogan "If it is a man's business to fight, it is a woman's to feed"

Washington Star
October 14,1945
"4 D.C. Area Officers Praised For Work on Atom Bomb Project"

The names of four Washington area Army officers who served as "super expediters" on the atomic bomb project were made public by the War Department yesterday...

... Major Robert E. Dunning, 6601 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase Maryland. ..Major Dunning on leave from the National Park Service and a graduate of the University of Maryland was a liaison with the War Production Board in supervising the allocation of priorities...

Washington Post
November 16,1944
"Collection of Waste Paper Reaches Peak in District"

Salvage "Guinea Pig" set up at Chevy Chase Circle—Waste paper salvage depot set up at Chevy Chase Circle a week ago being examined by Dan Holland, District Manager of
the Coca-Cola Company ...Which built the depot and William I Brady of 3810 Morrison St NW, Chevy Chase Salvage Chairman. If the depot proves successful others will be set up in central locations in Washington...

Twenty local Boy Scout troops aided the Salvage Drive by collecting 107,425 pounds of waste paper last month. Troops No. 64, 83, 666 and 5 turned in the biggest amounts of salvage.

The Bethesda Journal
December 18,1942

"Victory Corps Members Learn the Morse Code from Student Instructors"

(This is the first of a series of articles on Victory Corps activities at The Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School)

Jim Varela and Dick Lansdale, 17 year old seniors at the Bethesda Chevy Chase High School who expect to serve their country next year in the armed forces, are doing their bit in the meantime as instructors in the Morse Code to a class of 20 Victory Corps members at the high school. Using an audio oscillator constructed by Jim from parts found around his home workshop, the two boys tap out signals for a 45-minute period each day...

The class is composed of an equal number of boys and girls....Boys are taking it because they want to be fitted for some definite contribution to the war effort when they are called into service. The girls are more romatic about the course. Some think if might be useful to them if they tried to get into the Waves, Waacs or the Spaars...

Washington Post
September 21,1945
"Secret Weapon War Capital's 'Brain Chill'"

The war's No. 2 mystery weapon, the radio proximity fuse was revealed yesterday as largely a Washington "brain child," having been born, nurtured and developed here under a cloak of secrecy rivaled only by the atomic bomb....

Development of the fuse, which explodes rockets, projectiles and bombs with deadly accuracy, was carried out by a group of scientists working under the direction of Dr. Merle A. Tuve, 135 Hesketh Street, Chevy Chase of the National Defense Research Committee...

Its deadly effectiveness was testified to by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower who said the fuse helped stop Germany's counteroffensive...

The fuse, described as a miniature sending and receiving radio was first produced in a building disguised as an old auto paint Bethesda...

Most of the 200 workers employed at the plant were women and the wives of servicemen in the nearby medical hospital...

First used against Japanese planes by the cruiser Helena on January 3, 1943, the deadly accurate fuse has been used effectively on land and sea.