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Object ID 1000.123.01
Title Chevy Chase Circle, 1892-1992
Object Name Exhibit
Date 1992
Creator Eleanor Ford
Description Chevy Chase Circle, 1892-1992
Exhibit produced in 1992 for the founding of the "Friends of Chevy Chase Circle."

Panel #1

I. Landscaping
[Photo of Willow Oak (Quercus Phellos) nursery specimen and a description of the tree]

The Chevy Chase Historical Society is grateful for photographs from
All Saints Church
"Chevy Chase for Homes"
The Chevy Chase Land Company
Harlan Hambright
The Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Edith C. Jarvis
Leroy O. King
Julia R. Thomas for all 1992 photos
Robert A. Truax

Panel #2

A. In 1892, with pick and shovel, horse and cart, the Chevy Chase Land Company constructed seven miles of road and trolley track from 18th and U Streets, N.W., D.C., to Chevy Chase Lake, Maryland. At the District-Maryland line, where the new Connecticut Avenue angled north and five roads met, the Land Company laid out Chevy Chase Circle. They thereby extended the motif of L'Enfant's original city pattern to its outer edge, established the entrance to their new village of Chevy Chase and created a new "gateway" to Washington, D.C. [2008.256.03]

B. Lindley Johnson, the Land Company's architect, designed a handsome landscape and centerpiece for the new Circle. [2008.257.14]

C. Nathan Barrett, the Land Company's landscape architect, planned alaborate formal plantings for the outside rim of the Circle. [2007.48.01]

D. But only poles, for electric and telephone wires, were planted inside the Circle, and around the outside grew up informal clumps of boxwood and trees, deciduous and evergreen. [2008.181.18-2]

E. Until 1933 the Circle itself remained a flat and featureless lawn. Then, for the installation of the central memorial fountain in honor of Senator Francis G. Newlands, founder and first President of the Land COmpany, the Circle's present landscape was devised by Edward W. Donn Jr., the architect of the fountain: an outer ring of willow oaks, circular flagstone walks, beds of pink and white azaleas, yew and euonymous, all circling the fountain which has a thirty foot jet of water. [2008.181.08]

Panel #3

The future:
The Chevy Chase Historical Society, dedicated to preserving the history and integrity of Chevy Chase, has recently established the Friends of Chevy Chase Circle to plan and fund the preservation, beautification, and perpetual care of the Circle. The Friends, a committee of District and Maryland historians, Maryland garden club members, park experts and local Maryland town officials, will also supervise continuing work on the Circle, for the enjoyment of all who drive around it.
All of our share of today's receipts will be contributed to this fund.

A. Chevy Chase Circle, 1992 [1000.123.01a]

A sampling of three plans for the future landscaping of the Circle, under discussion by the Friends of Chevy Chase Circle.

B. Diagram showing proposed double row of trees [1000.123.01b]
C. Diagram showing proposed trees, small ornamentals and annual beds [1000.123.01c]
D. Diagram showing proposed grass, annuals, perennials and evergreen shrubs [1000.123.01d]