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Object ID 1000.106.03
Title "The Chevy Chase Land Company: The Beginning"
Object Name Exhibit
Date June 1990
Creator Eleanor Ford
Description "The Chevy Chase Land Company: The Beginning"
First: Link City to Suburb

Exhibit produced by Eleanor Ford for the Chevy Chase Historical Society. Mounted in June 1990 to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Chevy Chase Land Company.

Photo (2008.181.19):
First stop at Chevy Chase- the waiting station at the south edge of Chevy Chase Circle. This picture was taken after 1898--Ev Brown School visible at right.

Photo (2008.199.23):
Almost to Chevy Chase Lake- for the years before automobiles arrived, Connecticut Avenue was rutted cart track. On the right is the entrance to Watkins Avenue along which four brick houses were built by the Land Co. for trolley mechanics and conductors. Their mail boxes are on posts.

Photo (1988.12.03):
The Calvert Street Bridge over Rock Creek, built in 1891 by the Rock Creek Railway Co. to carry the trolley line which started at U Street, crossed every other trolley line in the city, and would end at the junction with the new B & O branch line at Chevy Chase Lake. Built of steel, 750 feet long, 130 feet high. It was replaced in 1934.

Photo (1990.06.03):
Thornapple Street Stop- looking north. Seven and one half miles of road bed and rails were laid, graded with pick and shovel and horsedrawn cart.

Photo (1988.12.02):
Chevy Chase Lake Terminus- junction with the new Metropolitan Branch (from Silver Spring) of the B & O Railroad (extended to Georgetown in 1909).
Left to right:
B & O freight train crossing. It carried construction materials for the Land Company's projects and coal for the power house to siding behind the car barn.
Rock Creek Railway #11
Car barn 1892-1935. Site of 8401 Connecticut
Power House- brick 55 x 110 feet; housed boiler and engine rooms
Chevy Chase Lake- A stream dammed to provide water for stream dammed to provide water for steam and cooling for the power plant. The electricity supplied the streetcars, Chevy Chase street lights, and lighting for Chevy Chase houses (at night only--no wall plugs).

Photo (2008.255.15):
The Link completed, between Chevy Chase View and Chevy Chase Lake.

Photo (1988.12.12):
Freight car- Mail and provisions for Chevy Chase residents were loaded on this green freight car at the Rock Creek Loop Station and carried free by the Railway, morning and afternoon, and set down at the corner nearest the addresee.

Photo (1988.12.11):
Summer trolley car- open sides and running boards, favored by children. There were 25 passenger cars, each carrying 42 people. In summer the cars ran every 12 minutes weekdays, and every 6 minutes on Sundays.

Photo (2008.144.05):
Railway office at Chevy Chase Lake- of pressed brick with terra cotta trip (this picture was taken in 1980). Here were the passengers' waiting room and the office of Herbert Claude, Superintendent of the Railway. He lived just up the hill toward Hayes, in a house which burned in 1910.

Photo (2008.144.16):
Inside the Chevy Chase Lake Depot- Conductors Bowman and Elmore. In 1893, the first telephone line from the city to Chevy Chase was installed here (By 1902 there were 13 telephones in Chevy Chase).

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