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Object ID 2011.04.01
Title The Quarterly, Newsletter
Object Name Newsletter
Date December 2010
Creator Section 5 of the Village of Chevy Chase
Description The Quarterly
Section 5 of the Village of Chevy Chase
December 2010
Volume 45, Number 3

Sections included in this issue:
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Requiescat in Pace
Recycle Bins
New Police Patrols
Alert Montgomery
Holiday Collection
Council Meeting
Building Permits
Welcome to Section 5
Block Party
Lock Your Car
Things Which Burglars Don't Want You to Know
Brookville Road Update

The Quarterly
Please remember, if it snows or the forecast calls for snow-park your cars off the streets and in your driveways so the plows can do their work. If the snowfall is deep, please clear a safe path to your household trash cans or leave household trash curbside on trash collection days. Section 5's crew will shovel the public sidewalks if the snowfall reaches two inches.

Requescat in Pace
Ms. Constance Demaree, a longtime resident of Leland Ct, died June 5, 2010 with her loved ones at her side. Ms. Demaree will be sorely missed. Section 5 extends its deepest sympathies to her family.

'Please take a look at the inside of your recycle bins, especially the green one and if the residue from your recyclables has collected there, please wash it. Our trash hauler can refuse to collect the recyclables if the bins are dirty.
Need new recycling bins? Please call the manager 301-986-5481 or email

The Council has recently signed a contract with the Montgomery County Police Department to employ off-duty County officers to patrol Section 5 streets for twenty hours per month. These patrols will begin December 1, 2010. The schedule for these officers will vary from month to month.