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Object ID 1000.102.01
Title "100 Years of Newlands Family Supportof Chevy Chase Libraries and Schools through the Chevy Chase Land Co."
Object Name Exhibit
Creator Eleanor Ford
Description "100 Years of Newlands Family Support of Chevy Chase Libraries and Schools through the Chevy Chase Land Co."
Exhibit produced by Eleanor Ford for the Chevy Chase Historical Society; Opening of new Chevy Chase Elementary School Library, 2000

1893 (2008.194.02)

The Land Company built the Springs Hotel (present site of the National 4-H Conference Center, 7100 Connecticut Avenue) which soon housed the Chevy Chase Junior College

1897 (1995.07.04B)

The Land Company donated its first sales office on Chevy Chase Circle between Grafton and Magnolia to the community for a school.

1898 (1988.07.08)

The Land Company donated land for the E.V. Brown School south of Chevy Chase Cirlce (present site of the Chevy Chase Community Center and Library, between Northhampton and McKinley Streets, on the east side of Connecticut Avenue)

1898- (2008.166.03)

The Land Company donated the land and built a school for Chevy Chase at 3905 Bradley Lane (photo shows house's present aspect) funding also both fuel and personnel
1896-c. 1900 (2008.190.09)

In 1896, Senator Newlands' daughters, Edith and Janet and Miss Aloncita White founded the Chevy Chase Library Association and held benefits to raise money for books. The Land Company donated land and built the Chevy Chase Library, one of the first in Montgomery County, to house the newly assembled books. (now the Village Hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue)

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