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Object ID 2009.1000.06
Object Name Architectural plans
Date April 1988
Description Renovations to Chevy Chase Meeting Hall - Floor Foundation Plan (Partial)
Renovations to existing lodge house/meeting hall, 5906 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD
Revisions to the plan dated April 11, 1988
McCartney Lewis Architects
Also Partial Roof Framing Plan
Section showing Roof Framing Modification
Displays measurements, dimensions
Scale: 0.25" equals 1'
Size: 24" by 36"
Note: 1) See architectural plans for dimensions; 2) Contractors shall verify conditions shown and inform the architect of discrepancies
Numbered S-1

"Sequence A -- Meeting Hall Roof Support Modification
1. Execavate to expose north foundation wall of original hall on Line 'A', to depth of footing, to allow engineer to access adequacy of wall to support new structural supports. Modify wall/footing as directed by engineer.
2. Provide line of shoring south of Line 'A' supporting first floor joists from crawl space below and, in the same line, carrying roof and ceiling framing above. Remove existing steel beams carrying shored roof and ceiling framing between existing steel posts for width of new hall. Pieces of framing remaining outside line of new steel columns shall be shored until new framing is in place.
3. Provide temporary supports for roof posts above ceiling framing north and south of Line 'A'. Weld C8 by 11.5 to each side of pipe post spanning between temporary supports. Bottom of C8 by 11.5's shall be minimum 2'0" above bearing of shored roof and ceiling framing. Free any anchor bolts or base anchorage for existing posts and jack C8 by 11.5 from temporary supports until botton of each post is is just free of its bearing. Cut off steel posts to be removed at 18" above bearing of shored roof framing.
4. Install new 3.5" 0 steel posts and brace temporarily.
5. Cut back ends of shored rafters and ceiling joists to 0.5" south of Line 'A'. Notch for new 2 by 4 plate if existing bearing plate is below bottom of ceiling joist. Chamfer 2 by 4 plate for steel beam fillet.
6. Raise new W 16 by 36 to top of new steel columns and adjust elevation so that rafters/joists are bearing on plate bearing on bottom flange of beam.
7. Remove shoring of roof rafters and ceiling joists.
8. Cinnect roof posts to top of new steel beam per detail connect remaining original steel framing at ends of new beam.
9. Remove temporary shores for C8 by 11.5's and cut back channels to face of original posts. Remove temporary bracing of new steel columns."\
Other architectural notes